Unsight game

The seven stages pass, and then comes the eighth. After ages of suffering, comes the age of discovery.

A Human is chosen. Tested by society at every stage, and after passing the tribulations, elected to be the leader of men.

He is then met with his greatest challenge yet:  To make a new destiny for himself and humanity as a whole.

Pushed outside the garden of Eden, that man has an army at his back. With that army, he conquers the abyss and extends the walls of society.

He kills the dragon of the void and makes reality out of her pieces. He takes the treasures and shares them with his community.

He leads flying ships unto the stars to bring new worlds into humanity’s fold. He brings millions, if not billions, prosperity.

Within him is the future of humanity, the decree of the gods, the responsibility for a generation. One in a million goes to where he is, one in a million passes all the trials of the society.

Human society is an evolutionary entity. The mechanics of hierarchies and heroes are decided by the combined success of the human population. Those who can prove themselves the next explorers and slayers of dragons give themselves and their community immeasurable rewards. Our social structures have evolved to test and identify these people through a process of elimination, and when they make it to the top, win our trust, we put our lives in their hands.