Beyond the earth where man walks are the gates of paradise.

The idea man aspired to ever since the conception of consciousness.

Beyond every hierarchy of man is the divine hierarchy of the Sky-Father. God, Odin, Allah, Ohrmazd.

As men are judged by the eyes of society, another idea comes to mind. Another judge, another pair of eyes.

Up above, which all humans are subject to, regulating the laws of nature and interactions of mankind.

The highest value to aspire to, the key to eternal life, to the Anushirvan, the Immortal Soul.

The eyes of man are worthless, flawed, incomplete.

The eyes of God are what decide your fate. God is an idea, perfect in nature by definition.

Omniscient, omnipotent, eyes go all around the head to everything, to judge every act, to leave the rot behind, break the shackles and reach unto immortality and divinity.

God is the ideal you. God is the spirit in yourself which judges you, burning the deadwood and rebirthing you like a Phoenix.

Blind the eyes of Man. Bare yourself before the eyes of God.

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