The gameplay we had in mind for unsight revolved around the element of time. Quick thinking and quick action were the levers that allowed the player to advance through the puzzles.

Every split of a second, the Machine will try to bar the way and hold the player back form his true desires.

Every moment counts, as the last eye is shut and the way is no longer barred. Every slight delay could result in a fruitless attempt to escape.

The question of time was not only a gameplay mechanic, but also a philosophical one.

Time is not only the most important variable in the game, but in the metaphysical reality behind it as well.

Time is always the greatest enemy of existence. Time is the actual force of chaos. Time is the greatest strain on the structure of being, and eventually it will devour us all.

We are all born with an hourglass in our heart. The ticking clock that draws us closer to the end with every moment past. Every second wasted will never be given back, every breath exiled signs another second lost.

We seldom pay attention to this fact. We seldom consider the probability of death tomorrow. We seldom do whatever we can to make the most of each and every split of a second.

As the eyes open and the gates shut, yet another minute of life is wasted. Another minute that’s never coming back.

Spend the Time enslaved and suffer, or spend the time free and to the fullest.

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