To combat a virus, you need an antivirus. Now what if you have an antivirus that enslaves the whole system?

The answer might be, you just need a virus that is strong enough to tear it apart.

If an AI is designed to manipulate, to subdue, to sedate humanity, what could be done to stop it? It would be infinitely powerful by the time people realise it’s a problem.

Unless someone figures out the solution, to fight fire with fire.

A giant swarm of nanobots, infiltrating the grid, annihilating every piece of machinery the AI might have.

Like a hungry leviathan, devouring every bit of resistance to its cause. A cybernetic conscious to combat another synthetic organism. A battle of titans elevated beyond what humans can even fathom.

And in the end, the fate of humanity, the freedom of choice, will be in the hands of two gods. An unstoppable force of good against an unstoppable force of evil. The dragon of chaos to destroy the shackles of undisputed order.

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