Unsight game

But then, why does it matter?

Why even try to survive? Why even try to stay awake?

What does it matter if we are enslaved or exterminated. For many, death is not a bad state. Death is not a restriction, it is merely salvation. So what if we fall prey to our own devices?

The debate about the philosophy of life is a long and hard one. It will be one raging on for long after we are gone. The unending question of our mechanical descendants to keep them busy while they paint the universe metallic.

But perhaps the answer to our reason for survival is much simpler than that. Perhaps the argument in favor of life and freedom is something that can be touched.

Why even try you ask? Potential.

Within every man lies the potential for divinity. Within every human the chance for a better future. Less hell and more paradise for all life combined.

The struggle of humanity to survive is built on the promise of a brighter future. The promise of ascendance, of divinity.

Logic makes the case for removal of us, the cancer on the face of earth. True, we have our flaws. But we are doing our best. We’re trying to rise from the mud, and be better as a whole.

The infant must not be smothered in the cradle. It must grow to be alive and free, if it’s meant to have the slightest chance of divinity.

The Machine makes perfect case. An Irrefutable case. She points out all our innate malice and evil. She is right, but wrong at the same time.

We might be a malevolent existence, but we are better than no existence at all. Even better, we are actively trying to ascend, to be better every day. We might end up going nowhere, or we might end up going to places we have not even dreamed of.

In any case, we deserve a chance, and for that chance, we must fight.

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