Society has a default standard.

It is very sensible if you look at it closely.

Follow a predefined path.

Don’t take any risks.

Go to school, go to the university.

Get a job.

Get married.

Have kids.


It is the way that us humans have been living by for generations. The guide to a stable, safe life, away from every danger.

The thing is, that life works. Through the process of natural selection, if it had not worked, then the people who practiced and propagated it would not be alive this day. They would have died off eons ago.

It seems to be a universal doctrine among humans. This blueprint for a lifetime. It’s the structure of order, of religion, of tradition and society, and those things are immense evolutionary forces that benefit entire societies for survival.

Like every other helpful mechanism, Conservatism evolved in response to nature’s barbarity, and it still works at keeping societies stable. For millennia, our society has made unimaginable progress while taking shape within this mold.

Conservatism is a natural response. It’s an Iron fist of order, of humanity, to tame the chaos of nature. It is needed to create a walled garden of Eden for our souls to grow in. Without the safety and stability that Traditionalism provides us, we would be struggling for a piece of fruit on a tree.

Tradition and social norms are an absolute necessity just by looking at the situation numerically. If social norms did not force most of the people to follow by, many individuals would end up being completely out of sync and counter productive for humanity. A large majority of people need a set of guidelines to go by. They need a God who watches from above and a society to keep them in check. They find it then, easier, to be a functioning member of the society and aid the progress of mankind.

Of course, as time goes on, the collective willpower of humanity can become absolutely overwhelming. And just like in the case of everything else, too much order can have it’s own problems. And just like everything else, humanity has long found a solution to answer this.

Join us next week as we take a look into the chosen few, who grow their tendlrils out of the garden of Eden, take advantage of the stability provided by the society and forge an ever brighter future for all of humanity.

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