Last week we talked about conservatism and the value thereof. We established how societies need strict boundaries, strong traditions and titanic walls in order to thrive and establish themselves.

We established that without the default stance of conservatism, everything quickly falls to anarchy and Conservatism is a failsafe against the worst outcomes. The only one we have. The garden of Eden must have walls, otherwise the demons will flood the land.

And this week, we’ll talk about the flip side of the coin. The extraordinary. The seeds of chaos within Eden. The tree of knowledge and the human headed snake. The people, whom within the safe walls of conservatism, extend their tendrils to chaos and reap immense benefits for our society.

Many of those who break the traditions and the norms end up in jail. They step outside eden and get devoured by the monsters. Many of them turn to crime and degeneracy, living a life of misery and regret.

But there are some, who venture beyond the walls of culture and norms, kill the monsters and bring back their loot. The patient, the intelligent, the men above the primitive societies of man. The rare breed of men who can tolerate the abyss and carve gold out of it.

These are the ones who successfully rebel against society, and forge their own empire instead of crumbling to dust. Those who are intelligent enough to chase their own will and happiness independant and uncaring of the thoughts of others.

These are who we represent in Unsight.