unsight game


Little Jimmy, be careful, you might hurt yourself. That’s not something you should do, It’s not good for you. Trust us, we know. We know what’s better for you, we love you. You can’t decide for yourself. We’ll make sure you will always be safe and secure.


Little Jimmy, the path you are on leads nowhere but hell. You’ll never be who you want to be. The world is not an amusement park. The world is real and terrible. Nature is brutal. What you have are foolish dreams that will never come true.


You are not of any concern Jimmy. You waste our time. We don’[t care about you. You are a lost cause. You are irrelevant, you are an outcast. We want nothing to do with you. Crawl in your hole and stay there.


How dare you take your own path?! How dare you disregard our opinions?! How dare you defy the destiny we chose for you?! How dare you strive to be better than us? How dare you ask for more than you deemed to have?!


How can Jimmy surpass us even though he walked down the wrong path? He must have lied and cheated his way to where he is. He has no soul and no conscience. I wish I were him, I wish he loses the game so I am proven right.


Jimmy worked really hard to be where he is. He might not be the crook we thought he is. We accept his existence, and we welcome him back among our own.


Jimmy is a beacon of light. Jimmy is a leader of men. Jimmy has brought humanity as a whole immense benefit. Jimmy has taken us above and beyond, towards the stars. Jimmy is a name we will always remember. The tide he created to lift himself, has lifted us all up beyond who we were before.