save yourself

07 The streets of the Eucomenopolis are bustling with life and color. Testament to no matter how stifled humanity becomes, there will always be beauty and art.

save yourself

06 There is a point where there is still hope to save yourself, shape your own destiny. Before it’s too late and before the world is devoured by madness.


05 Drowned in an age of screens, devoid of dreaming and connection, the “Lost” represent the NPC entities that are puppeteered by mainstream and social media, wasting their lives on fake visions and twisted images of happiness. Plastic faces, plastic lives, plastic thoughts, products of an age of information and screens. Yet they are not […]


04 With Unsight, we wanted our players to feel what it’s like to be alone against an entire world, against a society that has turned from the path of freedom. It’s up to you to break the will of The Machine and achieve freedom. Freedom


03 There’s a reason we build parks and green spaces in our cities and metropolises. These are the few segments of nature we’re still connected to, a few windows of hope to a greener future, a few reminders of our beautiful past. We must preserve what we have left, lest we be turned into mindless […]


02 One mask of the four realities of UnsightGame, haunted by the shadow of our inevitable dystopia. Shadow


01 It seems inevitable for society to head to dystopia. Tiny apartments in the megabuildings with billions of residents who race the corporate rat race, bought media and tech giants controlling every word, every thought. Welcome to the future. Small pieces in a grand game, pawns on the board, just another face in the crowd. […]